'Suriname'... "Be careful of Koreans," the Korean embassy also posted a notice.

'Suriname'... "Be careful of Koreans," the Korean embassy also posted a notice.

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Amid the protests from the Surinamese government that the Netflix original series 'Suriname' distorted Suriname, 스포츠중계 a South American country, into a 'drug country', it is known that the Korean Embassy in Venezuela (concurrently serving as the Surinamese region) is in contact with the Surinamese Korean Association to check safety.

In particular, in regards to former President Desi Bouterse, the model of the Surinamese president, who is portrayed as a corrupt politician who defended the Korean drug dealer Jeon Yo-hwan (real person Bong-haeng Jo and Jung-min Hwang), "the people of the president (Bouterse)" They remain in major institutions and are affecting the situation.” This seems to be the background for the diplomatic authorities to pay close attention to the possibility of disadvantages and physical damage to Koreans.

It is also a problem that is intertwined with the position of the Surinamese government, which is resisting the deterioration of the national image, 스포츠중계 and the read more value of freedom of expression, which is important in creative activities.

A diplomatic source on the 15th said, "Acting Ambassador Yeo Seung-cheol to Venezuela speaks to the Korean president and shares any unusual issues through the app. "He said.

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